Gradually, during these last years, we have been increasing our involvement in Tax cases to the point that today it has an autonomous and a well-organized team oriented in particular towards the resolution of the most demanding and complex cases. Our Law Firm has established a steady cooperation with two exceptional tax law experts in Greece, Katerina Savvaidou and Eva Tsika to correspond to the demanding work we had attracted the last years.

Apart from these new entries in our Law Firm, our Senior Partner Spryos Sagias and Sotiris Perivolarakis have been actively involved especially during the last years in major tax law cases.

Our expertise in this practice lies mainly in tackling complex tax and corporate tax issues, regardless whether the income or property is connected fully or partially with the Greek Tax authority competence.

We guarantee to our customers a full range of services in dealing with their tax issues, whether this includes planning of a new business opening or dealing with a dispute, both out of court and before the competent authorities or before a tax court, if needed. In parallel, we deal with all criminal aspects of the tax cases if such have accrued.

Case Studies

We represented, a Middle- East real estate company, active internationally, in its dispute with the Greek tax authorities. The aforementioned company was assessed with approximately EUR 9.8 mil of real estate transfer tax and fines on a major real estate acquisition in Greece a few years ago.

The challenge of the case was that, although there are very few examples of annulment of the entire assessment, especially for such high amounts, our team managed to annul the tax assessment in total, before the competent tax authorities

We provide legal support to a Greek shipping company and its legal representative on a critical tax case, namely the tax enforcement and the imposition of a fine amounting to 6.600.000€ regarding the sale of a cruise ship. Sotiris In the framework of this case we have been representing our client before the Competent Tax Authority and we also involved in the penal issues arising from this case.

It should be noted that this particular tax case is of utmost importance regarding the tax treatment of ships transaction in Greece and it will contribute actively to the proper interpretation of the legislation regarding the tax-free sale of vessels in Greece.

Our Legal Firm provides its legal services tο a Chinese shipping company that is one of the major investors in Greece regarding the management of the largest and the most important port in Greece, in the fields of tax and customs and mainly in relation to issues arising from the activities that take place within the Free Zone of the largest port of Greece or activities and business decisions that are indirectly affected by the status of the Free Zone, which is unique in Greece. Our team works hard to develop services and create innovative systems, attracting new customers and promoting the benefits of the Free Zone and our constant legal support is a key importance for the immediate decision making of our Client.