Real estate

Our Law Firm has a separate practice acting on multidisciplinary real estate legal matters, under the supervision of our senior Partners who are assisted by our senior associate Irini Michalopoulou, a highly qualified attorney in real estate legal consulting.

We have a long history in the practice area since the inception of our law firm. In particular, we have represented local and international private investors, private equity funds and major corporations, willing to invest on the Greek territory namely on private islands or large properties located on the Greek mainland,  as well as the Greek State in the context of privatisation.

For instance, we have been involved in the legal evaluation of over 100 plots of the Greek Tourist Agency of Real Property and the property of the Greek railroad Company, as well.

Since last year we have been representing the state company of Qatar in one of the largest purchases of land ever completed in Greece, namely the purchase of 14.500 stremmas on the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea by a private real estate company.

Case Studies

We represented a company member of Group of Companies currently active in real estate, construction, tourism, food and cosmetics in European countries, the Arabian Gulf Area and the Middle East. Our law firm has been appointed as the legal advisor and representative of the company in the project of the acquisition of both 14.500 stremmas on the island of Zakynthos and a private island for the development of advanced luxurious touristic facilities.

The scope of the investment is to make Zakynthos the main touristic destination in the Mediterranean, by developing a sustainable eco-friendly and world-class accommodation with responsible tourism practices.

We are legal advisers to a Group of Companies with a portfolio of properties in the most expensive areas of Attica (GOLF Glyfada, Kolonaki, etc.) and in the suburbs of London.  Sotiris Perivolarakis, an experienced lawyer in real estate cases was the leader of the team that advises the aforementioned group of companies on multidisciplinary real estate legal matters. The project is of an utmost importance because the issues that arise are in most cases very complex and pertain to the real estate legislation and the relevant tax regime that is in an ever-changing landscape.

We provide legal support to one of the largest real estate companies regarding the approval of urban planning terms of a large property in Eastern Attica. Our work also aims to influence the authorities in the drafting of a Presidential Decree and relevant regulatory acts with our legal notes and experience. This project bears great legal interest since it constitutes the only area of ​​organized development of productive activities that has been institutionalized in Greece.

We have been appointed as the legal advisor of a Commercial Center in Thessaloniki. Our client is a company active in construction and development of commercial real estate and currently, holding the majority of the largest and most famous Commercial Center in northern Greece. Our task mainly concentrates on the legal support and treatment of all legal issues related to the operation of the Center as well as the commercial property of the above company.