Project Development & Private Equity

Case Studies

We are representing a Greek private electricity company in the sale of 49% of its shares to a major provider of natural gas in their effort to have a united front in the energy market of Greece which also includes the partial restructuring of the company according to the needs of the transactions. The Greek energy retail and the trading market have been rather versatile the last years and such acquisitions are considered to be forming a new balance in the market in the following years, which makes it significant for this sector.

We supported a leading Greek oil company throughout the buyout of use of a Trade Mark and Intellectual Property (I.P.) of a mid-size company and concluded the commercial agency agreement. As follow-up we have been assigned with all the dispute-resolution matters that arose from the implementation of the contract.

Our Senior Partner led a team of highly skilled attorneys to consult a company in the field of renewable-energy in its attempt to sell a number of Wind Parks in Greece to a major investor from Turkey in 2015. The Turkish fund would invest its equity to settle existing loans and manage the restructured company jointly with Greek owners.

This was an example of the opportunities, the release of the energy market brought in Greece in a time of a financial crisis, when business owners seek for different ways of funding such as foreign equity and strategic cooperation.