Privatization & Public Procurement

We consider ourselves a pioneer in this practice area and a leading actor in the Greek market, considering that we have  been involved in most of the important privatization projects on the Greek territory since the emergence of the first privatization in the mid 1990’s, along with the adaptation of the Greek economy to the rules of the free European market.

Our Senior Partner Spyros Sagias has been involved through our Law Firm in numerous cases of privatization, either on the part of the State, acting as the Contracting Authority, or as a counsel for the private clients, participating in the privatization projects.

The establishment of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund in the last years has greatly boosted this particular sector in Greece and our firm has been involved in many high profiled Greek privatization projects.

Our Law firm has acquired such a vast and unique experience in Privatization & Public Procurement that we would dare to say that to a certain extent, it has shaped the identity of this sector in the Greek market.

Even our associates are often selected thanks to their capacity to respond effectively to similar projects that are considered extremely demanding and cover multiple sectors of Law.

Case Studies

Our law firm represented one of the largest terminal operators in the world in an International Tender Procedure for the privatization of the largest and busiest port in Cyprus.

Ifigenia Vourdouni and a team of highly experienced lawyers in Privatizations have run the whole project successfully.

This transaction was a part of an overall program of privatization of several state-owned and semi-governmental organizations and it was an important opportunity for Cyprus to continue the modernization, the investments in its economic infrastructure and efficiency.

Our Legal Firm represented COSCO SHIPPING HK in the process of the purchase of the majority stake of Piraeus Port Authority (the concessionaire of the largest and busiest port in Greece) corresponding to 67% of the company’s shareholding. The privatization procedure of the largest commercial port of Greece took place following an international, competitive process, launched by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (H.R.D.F) on 5 March 2014 and successfully concluded for our client on 10 August 2016. Our team has successfully supported the investor in the negotiation process and the conclusion of three separate contracts, namely the Shares Purchase Agreement (SPA), the Shareholders Agreement (SHA) and the Concession Agreement between PPA S.A. and the Hellenic Republic, which was ratified by law 4404/2006.  For a period of 2,5 years, the members of our legal team had been working on a daily basis in close cooperation both with COSCO team in Greece and with the competent Departments of COSCO Head Office in Beijing.

In terms of the overall investment (Share Price I and II + Mandatory and Non Mandatory Capex = over 1 billion euros) the specific project is considered to be the biggest and most important privatization project that has ever been executed in Greece and is probably the most complicated acquisition since the company’s activity involves multiple business sectors.

Our law firm represented one of the largest corporate groups in the world based in Tokyo, Japan that has participated in the international tender approved by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund for the acquisition of the 67% of Thessaloniki Port Authority’s shares. We provided our legal advice to the aforementioned company throughout the international tender procedure on a wide range of contracts, corporate and tax law issues apart from the privatization-related issues. Thanks to our previous experience in the privatization of Port Authorities, our team dealt successfully with all the arising legal issues.

We represented an international company registered in France with expertise in waste and water industry in 5 continents that has participated in the international public procurement launched by Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A. (EYATH) in 2016 for the operation and maintenance of the sewerage installations of EYATH of a total price of 79.347.989 Euros.