Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our Law Firm provides full services in matters of Dispute resolution. Our team has a wide experience in both negotiation and litigation before all the competent Greek and European Courts of every Instance. Our very own in-house senior associate, Prof. Harissios Tagaras, who served as President of Chamber, in the European Union Civil Service Tribunal provides always the most useful and precise advice. Prof. Tagaras along with Sotiris Perivolarakis, a very experienced tackle any such matter.

Our clientele includes local and overseas companies as well as individuals. We basically advise our clients on disputes arising from public procurement proceedings, and their ensuing contractual obligations, claims and disputes, business crime, tax and accounting compliance, labor, corporate and commercial law.

We are proud of the results of our litigation team and so our clients that have also entrusted us with major litigation cases which are of public interest.

Case Studies

Over the last years, our firm represents a Middle-East company active in real estate and construction, on an international level, regarding its expansion in the Greek territory. Among other cases, our legal practice represented the aforementioned company in a dispute that arose from  the cancellation of our client's purchase of a vast real-estate area in Zakynthos and a similar  transaction on a small island in the south of it.

This dispute is related to one of the most important real estate investments in  Greece and pertains to all related fields of property law and administrative acts,  from which we have gained a unique experience for our clients’ project.

Our law firm represented one of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies in India, in legal proceedings before the Greek courts on a major project of the supply of five power transformers of total budget amounting to over 9.000.000 euros and the presentation of the relative claim of our clients against the buyers. The dispute arose from a breach of contract that was awared following international open tender procedure.

We represented a prominent foreign businessman in a commercial litigation case regarding an attachment order against his assets located in Greece, of a value exceeding 90 million euros, that was imposed by Cypriot courts.

We also provided him full support throughout the process for the relinquishment of the attachment order both in Greece and in Cyprus. The case required the coordination of legal teams located in Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece.

We represented a Greek company active in the renewable energy sources, that operates Wind Farms and Solar Parks around Greece, in legal proceedings, with intense technical aspects,  before the Greek civil courts regarding the project of the construction of a wind farm in Kos island of total budget 1.825.000 euros. More specifically, our firm represented the aforementioned company as the main contractor for the project in the litigation against the constructor supporting a claim for the errors and omissions in the construction.

We represented  Italy's largest steel sector group of companies on the occasion of a multi-million value import of steel in Greece that was ceased due to certification problems, by Greek authorities. The case bears a crucial European and Greek interest with regard to the institutional framework of the steel production’s certification. To be more specific, our firm has requested the administrative acts’ annulment of the aforementioned Minister concerning the withdrawal of our client’ s ISO:2001 certificate. The denial of the competent authorities to resolve the dispute on an administrative level has made it an ongoing litigation case.