Commercial & Corporate Law

Our Law Firm has provided a multidisciplinary support to Greek and Foreign companies on a wide range of commercial and corporate issues arising from their business activities on the Greek territory. Our Senior Partner Spyros Sagias and our law firm have assisted in a consistent manner leading actors in the Greek market with day-to-day company issues and in parallel, representing them in an efficient manner in major transactions such as company buyouts, M & A s, and business deals.

We have been the major consultants during the last years of major international groups that control the port authorities of major Ports of Greece, and have acted on behalf of them for the establishment and reformation of formerly state-owned companies so that they could meet the needs of the ever-evolving financial environment. Apart from that, we have represented Greek companies in their constant efforts to attract foreign capitals in their enterprises and for foreign capitals to comprehend the Greek legal environment and seek business opportunities.

Case Studies

We have undertaken the legal support of the most significant port authority in Greece.

The whole project is extremely demanding and complicated, since, except for port authority’s significance for the financial reconstruction of Greece, it combines almost all legal fields and essentially includes the “restructuring” of a public company to a private one and it is actually the first effort of the Greek privatization program that has come to a successful end. It must be underlined that our Firm is dealing on a 24h call with all the problems the implementation of the privatization.

Since 2003 and for 14 consecutive years our law firm is handling the cases of the second largest port in Attica. Our law firm provides complete legal support regarding all corporate issues and public tendering procedures. The cases of this client bear great legal interest since they include all trade-related issues concerning commercial companies and public procurement and the interpretation of Greek Port policy and legislation. It is also noticeable that our Firm, despite the constant governmental changes in these past years, has been entrusted unceasingly with the task.

We have a steady cooperation with a commercial Union for Super Markets and Grocery stores in Greece, in order to improve the terms of the suppliers through common action and orders. Our day-to-day work includes every aspect of corporate and commercial law and Intellectual Property. The work is important since our client has successfully faced the problems that the financial crisis has brought in the retail trade and has kept its identity despite the constant changes in the market.