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Fields of Activities - Services

In accordance with the approved Quality Management System ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008, the organizational structure of the S. N. SAGIAS & PARTNERS LAW FIRM includes five Departments for the provision of legal services within its major fields of activities, which pertain to:  
a) Utilization of Real Esate;
b) Competition Issues;
c) Public Procurement procedures;
d) Energy;
e) All types of Companies;
f) Privatization of Public Sector Enterprises;
g) Ports and Ports Policy;
h) Urban Planning Law & Environmental Law;
i) Tourism and Utilization of the Hellenic Tourism Organization's Real Estate;
j) Health sector issues;
k) Public-Private Partnerships (ΣΔΙΤ) and Concessions;
l) Practicing of Law before Courts of all instances and jurisdictions, as well as legal     representation in Arbitration cases;
m) Transportation and Communications;

In particular, as per the Organizational Chart of S. N. SAGIAS & PARTNERS LAW FIRM, the firm’s five (5) Departments are as follows:

1st Department:  International and Commercial Law, European Courts and Competition
2nd Department: Public Sector and Administrative Courts
3d Sector: Civil and Commercial Law & Civil Courts
4th Sector: Penal Law
5th Sector: Foreign Clients

The projects undertaken by the Company are assigned to ad hoc project teams, which are coordinated by the respective Project Manager under the supervision of the Lead Partner, and operate in accordance to the procedures of the Quality Management System. Depending on the nature, extent and particularities of each project, the respective Project Managers report to the heads of the aforementioned departments and are supervised by the Lead Partner.

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